Our Dream Team

We not highly respect the standard company hierarchy and try to involve our team in our ideas and goals all the time. We don’t believe in “one man show” management, but in reliable and creative people around us, who are thinking in same direction as ours and supporting with their thoughts and knowledge. We are proud with all our 460 colleagues, because they are our image and future for strong and innovative company.

Sales Department

Our young and full with enthusiasm Sales team is always on your disposal. Working hard and with pleasure, the mood in the office is positive and fresh, because we believe, that only in this way: with passion and competence, we can support YOU professional! We have 4 divisions, specialized in four different markets, coordinated with special product group – RETAIL/Interior textile&furniture collections/, HORECA/Hotel, Laundries&Hospitals/, PROMO and FABRICS. Our experience and strong traditions give us the opportunity to advice and support with more response and care you and your requests. Our colleagues are specialists and their focused knowledge in production processes help us to design, develop and supply the best product for YOU.

YOU can meet our smiling team on the fairs all over the world!

Design Department

Creative, talent and professional are the most important 3 words, which describing our Design team. They are so skill, so fresh thinking and “never end” of ideas. They have the main job to work on projects, suitable for any kind of technologies – jacquard, classical embroidery, high-tech digital printing, embossing, laser engraving, etc.

They design collections, giving ideas and advices and doing all fast with one point of view – to catch YOUR wish how your product will look like in best way.

Finance Department

Serious, concentrate and focused on our documents, they support our business professional and taking care. They following your information with respect to your and our country terms and conditions.

Let’s get busy

Our brochures, catalogs and newsletters can be found easy in web and in social networks, can be even in your hands/if you order us to have them/, but there can be always questions and points for discussion. In this cases, please, contact us and we will respond in same day.